Norway Recycles in a big way

Here’s the sign posted in our AirBnB to explain all of the things Norway recycles and their requirements for sorting.

IMG 0218

The large trash can outside of our house is also subdivided, with compost and trash, and then a recycling can that is largest of all.

IMG 0279

IMG 0281

There’s also some way to take bottles and cans to the local grocery store to get a recycling credit in return, but I haven’t figured that out.

It’s going to take me a while to sort the small pile of trash and recycling we’ve generated already.

As Maddie would say, “Norway is very eco-kiddie.”

2 thoughts on “Norway Recycles in a big way

  1. At the store, there is most likely a machine to take your cans and bottles. In Germany it is usually near the entrance, or near the beverage section. These machines are great! You put bottles into a tube one at a time and the machine figures out your credit. There is a big hole in the bottom to put a whole case of bottles into. It’s super simple, once you find the machine!


    1. Yes! We’ve seen these machines, and are excited to try them out on a non-Sunday when the stores are open. It will make a great close to home adventure.


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