A Mystery Solved

A long time ago, I wrote about a mystery, wondering what these things were that I saw embedded in the ground at Maddie and Ada’s school and around the UiO campus:

IMG 2092

I’m pleased to say that thanks to the wonderful people in the New to Oslo Facebook group, I have an answer and a few funny replies. It’s a snow sensor—when snow falls on the two interlaced coils, it completes a circuit and activates the heating elements embedded in the sidewalk.

Screen Shot 2019 06 30 at 11 52 29 PM

Screen Shot 2019 06 30 at 11 53 54 PM

I must also say that Facebook groups like New to Oslo have been invaluable in helping adapt to life in Norway—from navigating the ins and outs of the Norwegian banking system to giving us ideas for fun things to do around Oslo, and making us feel like part of a smaller community in a foreign land.

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