A day without kids—a perfect time for a hike

Friday was the first day that both Maddie and Ada had school all day, and so it was the first day I can really remember that Diana and I had a day completely to ourselves. We decided to make the most of it and go on a hike that is just a few kilometers from our house.

Sætereren Gård is a farm owned by DNT, the Norwegian Trekking association, a gentle 2km uphill hike from a bus stop that is 4 stops away from our apartment.

Here are some photos from the hike—it was a near perfect day for a hike.

IMG 1388

Some scenery on the way to our hike.

IMG 1391

The arboretum at the start of our hike.
IMG 1395

IMG 1405

It turns out that there are cabins (Hytter) available for rental all over Norway. Here is a poster of all the DNT cottages available for rental in the area.
IMG 1403

We liked this walk so much that we decided we would bring the girls back here on the following day, so we rented this cabin for Saturday night.

IMG 1406

IMG 1413

IMG 1401

A lovely waterfall we saw on the way back.
IMG 1421

A huge slug in the middle of the trail.

IMG 1425

You can see almost all the way to fjord from the trail.
IMG 1430

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