Back in the states for a while

After getting back to Norway on Wednesday, we were back on the Flybussen to the Oslo airport less than 24 hours later to catch a flight back to Atlanta, and we arrived late last night.

We’re back because Diana’s mom’s health took a turn for the worse a few days ago, though she has improved somewhat since then. We are all still hopeful for a full recovery, but it’s going to be a long process. For the next couple of weeks at least, Diana will be visiting her mom in the hospital while I take care of Maddie and Ada and get used to driving again.

A couple of things I’ve observed since being back in Atlanta for a Day:

  • The Mobile Passport App is the greatest app you’ve probably never heard of. When we got back to Atlanta at 8:30 at night we were exhausted, and the normal passport line queued outside the passport control area and back into the hallway. On Diana’s last trip back to Atlanta, she had to wait an hour in this line and then learned about the Mobile Passport app. We installed the app in the Oslo airport, scanned our passports, took our photos, and when we got to Passport control, we bypassed that horrible line and were able to walk right up to as Passport Control officer—amazing!
  • Giving up driving and moving to a country where food is twice as expensive in the states has been great for my health. I’ve lost almost 10 pounds, and I found my usual run in the park near my inlaws’ house much easier than I did a month before thanks to walking everywhere.
  • After eating bread from French and Norwegian bakeries for the past month, all other bread is a disappointment. Le sigh.

Please do keep Mary Ellen in your thoughts and prayers.

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