The toy store next door

Maddie and Ada have been dying to check out the toy store that is next door to our apartment. They’ve had some not so great moments in our previous shopping expeditions of running into stores and goofing around, so I was trepidatious. But yesterday, I scouted it out on by 20 minute venture without them, and I was impressed, so I relented today, after agreeing to some ground rules. 1. No buying anything. 2. We leave when I say it’s time to go.

One strange thing I’ve noticed around here is even though the area is built up like a small town/city—we have 5 grocery stores, a indoor mall with a dozen or so stores, and a bunch of other things, everything is super quiet and pretty empty. Maybe it’s because July is when most Norwegians go on holiday, but today, we were the only people in the toy store.

Ada and Maddie are excited to report back on the state of Norwegian toys. In a nutshell, they are expensive. Here are a few photos of our adventure.

I’m pleased to report that Maddie and Ada did a great job of sticking to our agreement. They didn’t ask to buy anything and we left when it was time to go. But they did put a LOT of stuff on their Christmas wish lists. At least Santa won’t have to lug toys very far to get them to our house, but I’m not sure how to tell him that we have no room in our bags to bring anything back to the states.

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